“Rauwers’ products are unmatched” – Equans

juli 1, 2024

“The simplicity and quality of Rauwers’ products are unmatched. Their materials are easy to install, durable, and significantly reduce downtime.” 

In a recent interview, Paul Hemelaer fleet Manager from Equans shared his extensive experience in fleet management and provided valuable insights into the successful partnership with Rauwers. Paul has been in the fleet management industry since 1990, working with a diverse range of vehicles, including company cars, vans, trucks, and specialized vehicles. His career has spanned over three decades, during which he has witnessed significant changes and challenges in the field.

Could you share a bit about your professional journey in the field of fleet management and your professional background so far?
I started my career in the 90s, specifically on February 1, 1990. I’ve spent most of my career in fleet management, dealing with leasing or buying vehicles, including company cars, vans, trucks, armored trucks, and customized vans. It’s a broad field that has allowed me to manage both small and large fleets. There’s always more to learn, and fleet management is a niche that never stops evolving. It’s even speeding up with new challenges.

Can you provide a specific example of how the current fleet management solution, especially regarding the downloading and archiving of legal data, has significantly benefited your company?
One example is the tachographs provided by Rauwers. We have installed hundreds of these devices without a single breakdown. This level of reliability is crucial for our operations. The vehicle lighting solutions from Rauwers are also robust and easy to install, even in challenging conditions. These products have significantly reduced our maintenance needs and improved overall efficiency.

How would you describe the working relationship with Rauwers, and what are the strengths of this collaboration?
Rauwers is more of a partner than just a supplier. We have a long-term relationship marked by professionalism, responsiveness, and proactive service. Everytime we speak with them, they provide quick and accurate answers. Their materials are high-quality and easy to install, which makes a significant difference compared to other suppliers. The durability of their products reduces breakdowns and repairs, ultimately resulting in cost savings and reduced downtime.


At Rauwers, we pride ourselves on building trusting, high-quality relationships with our customers. We are also proud that high standards of quality and reliability in our work have significantly contributed to the efficiency and effectiveness of Equans’ fleet management operations.

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